Thursday, November 29, 2012

Break Down, Slow Down

So about a month ago I felt very much on the verge of a break down. I just felt that I was a wife, mom, teacher & that was all, no me anymore! I love being all three of those things, but as my husband asked me what I liked to do when I had time for myself, I simply didn't have an answer. As I really thought about this I realized that I have never really had a hobby. I did used to DJ parties when I was in IL, but gave it up when I moved here. I really needed a hobby that I could do at home, between teaching, whether it was for a few minutes or a few hours. I decided to try crocheting. So 2 weeks ago I signed up for a class at Hobby Lobby. I have tried to crochet on my own before, buying a starter kit and all, but needed some guidance. I loved it! The 1 & 1/2 hour class just flew buy & since then I've made 3 scarves!

The real test was last week, Thanksgiving week. My husband had the entire week off work. Usually when he is off work it is him sleeping and reading all time and me being annoyed he's not 'doing' anything. I have to say this vacation week, however, was wonderfully peaceful! Since I have been crocheting it gives me something to do. I love how calm it makes me feel and I can take it anywhere! I feel like I've been more patient in general with my family because of it, which makes me happy!

What hobby do you enjoy? If you don't have one, get one soon!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great School Deals

I am writing this quick blog to make sure you check out some of the deals right now at Home School Buyers Co Op. This website has amazing deals on all sorts of programs and curriculum for your kids! Go under the Group Buys tab & you will see all kinds of programs, you can even sort by the grade level you are looking for. The group buys are great because the more people that buy that deal, the lower the price comes down.

I want to mention a couple things on the site right now that I am using & love!

Home Art Studio - I cannot say enough good things about this DVD. My daughter has always loved arts & crafts and I, unfortunately do not. All I do is put in the DVD & set out the art supplies needed for the lesson & the art teacher, Lindsey Volin, does the rest. My daughter gets her art class, and I don't have to do it, so we are both happy. Currently you may order the DVDs for K-5 grade level.

Dream Box Learning - This is one of the two online programs we are using right now. DreamBox learning is all math games. The thing I love about DreamBox is they don't 'box' your child into a certain grade level. They let you know upfront not to help your child at all with the program, so it can be tailored to what they know & jump off from there. They have an excellent Parent Dashboard that tells you how your child is doing and even breaks it down on what things they have accomplished in each grade level of math.

Those are just a couple of things I've been using this year, that are on sale right now. There are a few things I have my eye on to order. You can also set up reminders from their website (if you need to wait until payday like me). Make sure you check out the Home School Buyers Co Op before you buy any books, programs, or magazines for schooling!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I feel like when you start home schooling, it's a lot like when you bring your baby home from the hospital. It's new & beautiful & lovely, you are learning & growing with your child, then it happens. Something (enter your personal experience here) happens that makes you step back & say, 'I didn't expect this, what do I do now?' It's like you finally 'know' what you're doing & where you are going & BAM, no, that isn't going to work now. Well, with children they just keep on growing up so guess what, we have to keep changing what we're doing. This is exactly the same with schooling.

We started Kindergarten the end of August, and now at the beginning of November we have had to switch out different things. I was getting a little frustrated, thinking it was my planning that was off. Then today I read on my favorite homeschool website, The Secular Homeschool, they have a poll on who has made changes on their curriculum this year. Guess what? Right now only 4 people haven't made changes. Whew! What a relief! It's nice to know you are not alone in the world because sometimes when you are a stay at home mom you feel like no one else feels your frustrations. They do!

I have to tell you about a book I just finished reading, I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids by Tricia Ashworth & Amy Nobile. These 2 moms interviewed a ton of mothers, in every different life situation and made this book. This book made me laugh, gasp and tear up. Most of all this book is a great read because you realize you are not alone on those hard days, in fact I guarantee when you read this you'll realize one of these moms have had a worse day than you!

Change is good! Just remember, "Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! Ninety-eight and three quarters guaranteed!" ~ Dr. Suess