Monday, October 1, 2012


Who doesn't love freedom? Freedom to do what you want when you want. Well that's what homeschooling is all about. Just because you have the freedom in homeschooling though doesn't mean you won't have the work, in fact, you'll have more.

Because of the way I choose to home school I have to get school work ready for our work week. Right now it is taking about me about 4 hours & I usually gather work for 2 weeks at a time. It's not just me, that is a lot of time right? After a few weeks I was thinking, I should have just bought a curriculum. In the end that extra time of work that I do gives me the freedom to teach my daughter the things she needs to work on & the things I want her to learn.

Socialization freedom. So when it comes to home schooling you also have the freedom to chose different social things for your child. I have found there is actually a lot of Home School programs when you look for them. In my area, there are programs specifically for home schoolers at the library, I have found a golf program, Art programs, and a Science program through 4-H and more. Since this is our first year, I decided to keep it simple and only go to one program although next year I have my eye on a couple.

I want to talk for a minute about Home Schooling Co-Ops. If you are not familiar with these, you are not alone, I actually didn't know about this until we've already started our school year. A Home School Co-Op is, in essence, just a local group of home schoolers and their parents. Locally, I looked into the one where I live and found that to join I would have to pay a fee (I think it was $50) and had to guarantee that I could devote some of my time for Co-Op activities. Now these are not unreasonable requests considering that they schedule fun activities, field trips & even conduct school classes once a week where you can drop your child off for the day, just like they are going to school. Not to say anything negative about Co-Ops, I just know it's not for us. I do find that a lot in the Home School community online find them quite necessary for socialization.

 Again, sweet freedom, I decided in this regard, I was going to go, maybe against the grain, I didn't want to spend money and devote time to volunteer when I feel, currently anyway, that my week is packed as it is. And although sending my daughter to a class for a day a week sounded tempting for selfish reasons, the whole point is that I have control of what she is learning.

If you are worried about socialization with your home schooled child there are plenty of options out there! So if you are thinking about even possibly home schooling your child, I encourage you to just peek online & see what there is! Don't be overwhelmed by it all, just think of it as the freedom to chose any path you'd like.